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Website Comments with Google+

This is the first post of my new blog, so this post is primarily meant to serve as an introduction to the new comment system I'm using. For my previous blog, I relied on Wordpress. It works great as a blog post editor, but I ran into problems with formatting and, especially, with spammy comments (even with anti-spam measures). To combat spam comments, I'm trying a new comment system that relies on Google+.

Instead of using Wordpress's built-in comment system, I plan to share each blog post (and project) to my public Google+ profile as soon as I publish the post. Upon sharing the page on Google+, I grab the Activity ID and enter it into my database.

When the user reads the blog post or project page, a custom Google+ API code finds the public Google+ post and determines the number of comments and the URL to the post. This way, all the comments are handled on Google+, which means my site can stay cleaner and that Google handles commenter identity instead of me.

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