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A Unified Resume and Website “Experience”

Note: The details of this post are outdated.

My vision for this website started when I began re-designing my resume using Adobe InDesign, an application used primarily for print design. I wanted to create a uniform set of style rules that would apply to both my resume and my website (and potentially a future business card.

In creating my resume and website, I used the same typefaces (Open Sans and Droid Serif) and font styles (i.e. the same weight and italicizing), as well as the same information architecture.

Although I don’t have any formal education in marketing, I understand the importance of branding. Through the unified visual style of my resume and website, I hope to communicate a consistent theme of simplicity, clarity, and efficiency in order to highlight the high importance I place on usability when designing an interface. I hope that I effectively present myself via these mediums while still maintaining a pleasant visual design.

In addition, I tried to create a smooth transition between the physical and the digital world. I added small QR codes to my resume that link to additional information about the associated topic. The goal here was to be efficient and precise with my content on a single-page resume while preserving the ability to provide additional information if the reader is interested in learning more.

I took a lot of care in designing these products, and I hope that the conjunctive design of my resume and website is well-received.

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